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What is IPL ?

What Is High-Intensity Pulsed Light Therapy? or IPL

Intense pulsed light hair removal is a new and advanced long-term hair removal method. The client lies in a comfortable position while the technician glides a hand-piece over his or her skin. Precise doses of light within specific wavelengths are emitted from this hand-piece and placed on the skin and moved after every pulse.

What Is The IPL Laser Hair Removal Process?

The principle of IPL is light transmits through skin tissue and absorbed by melanin which is found at the root of the hair. When the light is absorbed, heat is produced and radiated out into the follicle wall destroying the cells. Hair re-growth is impeded. IPL works equally well on most skin pigmentation without removing any pigmentation. IPL hair removal eliminates hair that is light brown to black. Only a few treatments, at monthly intervals, are needed to obtain optimal results. It is quick, relatively painless with little to no redness or skin irritation.

What Are The Benefits Of IPL Hair Removal? Is The Treatment Safe?

Yes, it is very safe. The Intense Pulsed Light system delivers energy to the skin very gently. Plus, the hand-piece extracts hair from the skin during each pulse of light for maximum protection. Moreover, the wide range of possible settings and spectrum of light delivered by IPL enables a much broader range of possible settings than available any lasers. These capabilities translate into better and safer treatments and more effective results. The main side effect is temporary redness which lasts from a few minutes to a few hours. Clients can go back to their daily routines immediately after the procedure. Serious side-effects are very rare (less than 1% of clients). They may include a temporary change of skin color (lightening or darkening) which may last several weeks or months. For maximum safety, all clients should be at their lightest skin color at the time of treatment.

Does It Hurt?

This process is 100% painless. The light is absorbed by the hair and hair follicles. The skin itself is exposed to little heat, thus no pain. With each session, the hair will become thinner and more will fall out. No irritating chemicals are used and hair isn't pulled on out. Local anesthetic creams or pain medications are not needed.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments required depends on the area to be treated, the hair density and contrast between hair and skin color. Greater contrast between hair and skin color will require fewer treatments. Consequently, people with white skin and black hair would require less sessions than people with white skin and light hair. Moreover, your hair grows in cycles and many factors influence its growth, such as age, ethnicity, weight, hormones, diet, metabolism, previous hair removal methods and medical history. All these factors help increase or decrease your hair's resilience. IPL slows the growing capacity of follicles in the growth cycle at the time of the treatment. Since some hair follicles might enter their growth cycle after your treatment, 2-6 treatments are needed, on average, to achieve optimal results. In most cases, a 50% hair reduction is observed after an average of 1-2 treatments. Each treatment could be given in 3-5 week intervals. This will depend on how far along you are in the treatment. The length of your hair's absence depends on the area being treated as well as the settings in accordance with your hair and skin factors.


First time clients will always receive a 20% off any full priced item.

Refer a friend and receive $25 dollars off your next session !

Individual Prices

Aereolas - $25
Arm (Half) - $45
Arm (Half) & Hand - $55  
Arm (Full) - $100
Arm (Full) & Hand - $110
Back (Lower) - $45
Back (Upper) - $50
Back (Full) - $75
Bikini - $45
Brazilian (Full) - $75
Brazilian (Semi) - $45
Buttocks - $50
Cheeks - $25
Chin - $25
Face (Half) - $50
Face (Half) & Neck - $65
Face (Full) - $75
Feet - $25
Forehead - $25
Leg (Half) - $75
Leg (3/4) - $100
Leg (Full) - $150
Lip - $25
Lip & Chin - $45
Middle of Brow - $25
Nape of Neck - $35
Neck (Throat) - $35
Sideburns - $25
Shoulders - $25
Stomach - $50
Stomach Line - $25
Thighs (Full) - $100
Thighs (Inner) - $45
Underarms - $45


Arms (Half) - $75
Arms (Half) & Hands - $85
Arms (Full) - $150
Arms (Full) & Hands - $160
Back (Lower) - $100
Back (Upper) - $100
Back (Full) - $150
Buttocks - $75
Cheeks - $35
Chest & Stomach - $150
Feet - $25
Forehead (Hairline) - $35
Half Face & Neck - $75
Hands - $25
Leg (Lower) - $100
Leg (Upper) - $100
Leg (Full) - $175
Nape of Neck - $35
Neck (Throat) - $35
Shoulders - $50
Stomach - $75
Stomach Line - $35

Package Prices

3 Sessions for $59 of: 

Cheeks (Women)
Stomach Line

3 Sessions for $86 of:

Cheeks (Men)
Nape of Neck
Neck (Throat)
Stomach Line (Men)

3 Sessions for $112 of:

 Half Arm (Women)
Lower Back (Women)
Semi Brazilian (Women)
Lip & Chin (Women)
Inner Thighs

3 Sessions for $125 of:

Upper Back (Women)
Half Face
Full Stomach (Women)
Shoulders (Men)

3 Sessions for $250 of:
Full Arm (Women)
3/4 Leg (Women)
Full Thighs (Women)
Lower Back (Men)
Upper Back (Men)
Lower Leg (Men)
Upper Leg (Men)

3 Sessions for $375 of:
Full Leg (Women)
Full Arms (Men)
Full Back (Men)
Chest & Stomach (Men)
Full Leg (Men)

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